13 May 2009
Seremban, Malaysia
2°41'17.12"N 101°58'0.27"E


What a week - again. We're still both recovering from the wedding and trying to get our sleeping patterns back to normal - or at least I am. Peter needs a week away from everyone to dry out a bit. I don't think he's seen bed before midnight (and mostly quite a lot after midnight) for a month. For the last couple of weeks, Praba has been keeping up then going to work the next day. Just as well he's the boss, otherwise he might have found himself in trouble.

The pair of them have been to the gym a couple of times to work off a bit of the beer, but I think Peter is past working it off. He's not alone - thanks to the Simla Curry Leaf (I've put 4kg on in the last 2 weeks) I'm sitting here totally stuffed after breakfast. Heading for the airport in a couple of hours, and our plans are upside down. Again. We had it in our minds that we were going to fly from here to Hanoi, find an apartment and stay for a month (two if there was no problem with a visa extension), but we've been reminded why we don't make any plans.

Firstly, there was the visa. Not only ridiculously expensive in KL, but a 4 or 5 working day wait (not to mention a trip into the city to lodge the application and another trip into the city however long later to pick up the passports). It all seemed so easy in Cambodia - cheap, processed in a matter of minutes (or hours if you just give it to a travel agent along with an extra dollar or two). It's just that............. I can't believe I've let myself be talked into going to Phnom Penh again. I don't know what it is about the place, I just hate it. Well, I do know. It's dirty and noisy and stinky and horrible. And with the timing of the flight, we'll have to spend at least one night there. Yuck.

Anyway, the decider came from Praba. At the weekend, the boys went to watch Praba's football team who were hosting a team from JB. As can be expected, there was much drinking afterwards. Turns out that the Malaysian Football Association have organised a match in Ho Chi Minh City United on June 10th, which has just given Peter another reason to use the next few weeks to dry out as we will be meeting up with Praba again rather than heading straight to Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh is only a 6 or 7 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh. The coach mentioned that he's expecting a bit of misbehaviour from the young blokes and wants Peter on standby in case he can't field a full team out of his squad of 18.

We think he's serious.


We've had a couple of nights in at Indra and Texan's - never been there at night before, and to beat their garden by day it would have to be pretty special, but with the fish pond lit by blue lights, it looks fantastic. Indra is the most amazing cook - she has stomach problems and can't eat anything spicy, so has to eat separate food, poor thing. I think it would kill me to cook such incredible stuff and not be able to eat it. As well as munching, Peter tried to match Texan beer for beer. Oh dear. There was no way that was going to happen - not without him getting very, very drunk - rather inevitable really.

We had a treat around at the Singh house on Sunday - not only did we get another chapatti supper, but there was a Hindu chariot procession which stopped not far from the gate. Not sure if it was for a wedding or some other occasion, but it was great. Got a couple of OK photo's and messed up what would have been a lot of really good ones. I made a couple of friends - young blokes who accidentally got into my first photograph and were so pleased they kept finding good places from where to take a photo and grabbing my hand and pulling me through. And I mean pulling - I was literally right in the middle of the ceremony, whatever it was.

We were also invited to another wedding during the week - this time a Tamil one, but unfortunately we need to be in Cambodia to get the Vietnamese visa in time to meet up with Praba when it's on, otherwise I think we might just have twisted things around a bit to stay on in Malaysia for a few more weeks. The country never ceases to surprise me, or at least the people. It's the Thai's that are known for being 'nice', but you often get the feeling that they really, really don't like you and would rather you weren't there (just mail the money instead). Although not all parts of Malaysia are the same, that's a feeling you never get in Seremban.