11 Dec 2007
Thumrin Thana Hotel,Trang, Thailand
A$38£18 night
7°33'5.96"N 99°36'4.39"E
1 room
Including breakfast


This hotel is touted as being the best in Trang. It probably is, but that isn't saying much. About the only good thing is that we got the non-smoking room we requested. As we have learned, this is a very rare feat in Asia - even when you go back down to the lobby and tell them you specifically requested and WANT non-smoking and ask to change rooms, there's no guarantee that you'll get one.

The Thumrin Thana is a large hotel, the closest to international standard that there is in Trang. The lobby was beautiful and full of shops, coffee shops, bars and restaurants, but once inside the room it was a disappointment. Although clean, it looked as though it had needed decorating for some time. Being an older hotel, the rooms were really big and the furnishings comfortable. The beds (twin only in the cheap rooms we found) and pillows were great, and the huge bathroom was nothing short of amazing.

There was a mini bar and BBC World on the TV as well as in house movies. There was a very ordinary gym (strangely open 1pm to 10pm, so bad luck if you want to exercise in the morning) with several pieces of equipment broken and no air conditioning or fans. Biggest surprise was the sauna. Peter went looking for water - when he found someone he was told 35 baht. First time EVER I've known a gym, let alone a sauna, with no free drinking water available. Peter told the man he didn't have money with him, having just come down from the room to use the gym, and he was eventually and somewhat begrudgingly given a glass of water. For reference, a 900ml bottle of water on the street costs 5 baht. Very poor by any standard.

The swimming pool looked OK, but unfortunately we couldn't try it as it was closed. The gym and the pool were the only reason we chose this hotel, and turned out to be a complete waste of time and money. Internet access cost more per hour than the last hotel we were in cost per day.

Breakfast was very so-so, sugared orange juice or sugared pineapple juice but no drinking water, the worst omlette I've had in a long time and rice and noodles that didn't look too good.

Location was good - in town but in a quiet corner and overlooking countryside and mid way between the bus and the railway stations (about 10 minutes walk to either). On the bus from Hat Yai, we told the driver where we were going - he didn't speak a word of English, but talked to other passengers (kept coming back and asking us the name of the hotel, our Thai pronunciation being as perfect as it is) and someone shouted out for him to stop when it was time for us to get off a and pointed us in the right direction - a 2 or 3 minute walk.

The biggest disappointment at the hotel was the attitude of the staff - they didn't seem friendly or approachable and most things seemed to be a bit of an effort or inconvenience for them.

We had a look at a couple of other hotels in town - the nearby Trang Hotel didn't have the fancy lobby and uniformed staff, but once you were in the rooms you could have been at either hotel as they were pretty much identical - the Trang Hotel looked like it had a few more satellite channels, a balcony and friendly staff - helpful even though we weren't staying there. And it was A$16/£7 night. No internet service or breakfast, but a couple of bananas get you through the morning.

I don't think I have to say that we wouldn't go back or recommend it to anyone.