6 Dec 2007
Golden Crown Plaza, Hat Yai, Thailand
A$30/£14 night
7° 0'28.46"N 100°28'13.21"E
1 room


NOTE: The Australian dollar is getting a much better exchange rate to the baht than the pound is.

We came across this hotel by wandering around the town centre and asked for a look around. There were suites for A$51/£24 night - really nice, with a separate living and dining area and two TV's but the rooms were good enough.

The Golden Crown Plaza is a new 210 room hotel. We were going to splash out on a suite, but I'm glad we didn't as we scored a corner room on the seventh floor with a floor to ceiling curved window right around the two external walls, giving us a great view.

The room was spotlessly clean and all furnishings and decoration were modern. The mammoth bed and pillows were comfortable and for once the air conditioner wasn't blowing directly onto the bed.

The restaurant was very reasonable, costing around the same as local restaurants outside (which is about double the price of food stalls) and the food and coffee was good.

Internet access via a cable was a very acceptable A$2.40/£1.15 per day. The TV had about 20 satellite channels, leaning more towards entertainment than business but as we had unlimited internet access it really didn't matter.

The staff were nice and very friendly as opposed to deferential and fawning. There was even a sign on the reception desk indicating the prices you should pay by tuk tuk or taxi to various points around the city.

Location was great, right in the middle of town and within walking distance to a major pick up point for mini buses going to the bus station. The train station was about 5 minutes walk away.

We will certainly be back in Hat Yai as it makes a good stop on the land journey from Malaysia, and will without the slightest hesitation come back here.