15 Sep 2007
Peninsula Resort, Tanjung Benoa, Bali
A$299/£130 week
8°46'16.22"S 115°13'23.29"E
1 Bedoom
Full kitchen
Timeshare Rental


The Peninsula Beach is a timeshare only resort (no regular paying guests) and was surprisingly good. We stayed in a one bedroom apartment, there are also two bedroom and studio units, around 40 in total over 3 floors. The resort has recently been fully renovated and partially rebuilt, meaning everything is modern and new. Rooms were a good size - the very large bedroom was the size of the combined lounge/dining room, and the bathroom was huge with a nice big corner bath and separate shower. The large balcony had comfortable chairs and was pleasant to wile away a few hours.

All fittings and furnishings were new and in very good condition, the bed was comfortable but had disappointingly cheap, thin pillows. There were televisions in both the lounge and bedroom, with about 30 channels on the satellite service. The apartment was serviced daily and although linen was advertised as being changed twice a week, we had clean towels every day and sheets every other day. The rooms were spotless and well maintained. If anything let the unit down it was the contents of the kitchen. There was a two ring gas cook top, a full sized fridge with large freezer, a toaster, 2 saucepans and one frying pan. The only utensils were a fish slice and a sharp knife - obviously not expecting people to do any cooking beyond bacon, eggs and beans. Actually, the beans would have been difficult had we not been prepared, as there was no can opener.

Pool Area

Still, that gets us to a surprising revelation. While slightly more expensive than the tourist restaurants on the street, the food and beverage were really cheap compared to what is the norm for hotels here, and judging by the number of people partaking I would have to guess that it was good. The massage service was also not much more expensive than outside the hotel was also very well frequented by guests. The pool was great although there was a shortage of beds around it - especially in the shade. The resort was about 90% Australian, so spots in the shade were at a premium.

Sitting Room

Being a good timeshare resort, the crowd were older and regulars - to the point where the staff were on first name terms with many owners, and on the downside, the pool attendant was tipped to put towels on sun beds early in the morning to reserve them for the day. We mentioned this to the manager, who shrugged and said "They've been told not to, but what can you do?" I thought this was a bit off. He also said it was unusual because it was usually Germans who did it (he was German himself) and we were OK because we'd found a bed. I let it go, but not everyone is quite as forthcoming as me and willing to move other peoples' towels when they can't find somewhere to sit. We also suggested rubber tips for the dining chairs as the scraping on marble floors set our teeth on edge, and was quite annoying late at night. There were board games available to play with and books to read at no charge, and the internet (broadband on their computer or by cable connection in your room) was IDR500/minute, which worked out at A$3.85/£1.60 per hour, a bit more than double the rate you could get it for outside.

Didn't check out the prices of the business centre for printing etc, but I would expect them to be fairly high. One thing the resort was lacking was a gym, although we overheard a timeshare sales rep telling prospective buyers that one was planned. The resort is still being sold and there was a steady stream of people looking around every day, but nobody bothered us. The pool is big, with plenty of established trees around it meaning you could find shade in the water at all times of the day.

The location is good - right on the clean, safe swimming beach. I read on a web site that every room has a view of the ocean, but cricking your neck on the balcony is required for a glimpse. The resort is in Tanjung Benoa, just past the Nusa Dua complex - the Nusa Dua shopping mall is is about a 40 minute walk along the beach or about an hour along the along the busy main road (not recommended). While not as expensive as Nusa Dua with its totally captive market, Benoa could not be described as cheap by Bali standards. The tourist restaurants, massages and motorbike hire were about 30-40% cheaper than Nusa Dua but, with a few exceptions, still 30-40% more expensive than other areas of Bali. Even the warungs were more expensive, targeting those who didn't want to pay the prices in the tourist restaurants. There were plenty of mini-marts and convenience stores within walking distance, and a fair sized local supermarket-type shop where you could buy everything except fresh meat and fish at local prices which is a bit further, but a taxi would cost maybe A$1.30/55p.


There were a couple of interesting walks and loads of water sports which were priced fairly much as elsewhere on the island. Quite a bit of budget accommodation was scattered around the area, but unless you were wanting to do water sports every day, I couldn't think of another reason to stay here rather than elsewhere.

Overall, we were very happy with the resort and standard of accommodation, and would return here without hesitation.