14 Sep 2008
Shahzan Hotel, Kuantan, Malaysia
A$41/£20 Night
1 room
Including Breakfast


Found this hotel on a quick trip into town whilst staying at Cherating.

The Shahzah is a large business hotel right in the centre of Kuantan. Some of the front counter staff were great, others were put to great inconvenience to even talk to guests. It is also literally next door to the State mosque, even asking for a quiet room made little difference to the volume level.

The room was clean and comfortable, but for this much money we expected a fridge (should have checked). There were tea/coffee making facilities, a TV with a only local stations and the bed and pillows were comfortable.

Breakfast was very forgettable, could be because we were there during Ramadan, but I had the feeling it was always this way. Free and relatively fast WiFi was available in the lobby

Location is about the best thing about the hotel, plenty of eating, drinking and shopping within a short walk. It's also exactly half way between the local and long distance bus stations (the reason we chose it).

All in all, there would be a lot better hotels in Kuantan and had we had the time and inclination we would have looked around found one. Doubt we would return here, and certainly wouldn't recommend it.