14 Aug 2008
Ming Hotel, Melaka, Malaysia
A$12.50/£6 night
2°12'2.13"N 102°15'10.57"E
1 room


We spent a few days in Meleka/Melaka/Malacca a few years ago and everyone had told us how much it had changed so we decided to check it out. We arrived in the new bus terminal which is 2km from the town centre and jumped on a local bus, getting off as soon as we saw Pizza Hut because we remembered there were some cheap hotels in the area, the Ming being the cheapest by a long way - we weren't offered this price initially, they opened with almost double the amount, but it was still a fair bit cheaper than the others around it.

The Ming is a small Chinese hotel with 4 floors - the lift wasn't working and looked as though it had been out of action for some time. The room was basic but clean, and the two fairly comfortable single beds easily pushed together to make a double.

There was free wifi, but this was quite unstable with a very weak signal and disappointingly slow speed most of the time, although every time you want to give up, it fires on all cylinders.

The more expensive rooms had a window facing a brick wall, but this may have been better as the hotel is on a busy road and the room on the front was fairly noisy.

Location is good - a mini mart and 7/11 and several food stalls and canteens are within a minute walk, five minutes walk gets you to the local bus station and shops where tourists rarely venture (read cheap, not tourist prices). About 5 minutes in the other direction gets you to the old or historic area, and another 5 minutes from there to either the port or the large shopping mall.

As it was clean and about as cheap as it gets, we'd probably stay here again if we venture back to Melaka. Where ever you decide to stay here, the traditional massage next door to the hotel is fantastic and good value for money.