30 Apr 2008
Chawamit Place, Lat Phrao, Bangkok,Thailand
A$16.60/£8 night
13°47'47.15"N 100°35'23.09"E
1 Room
Including breakfast


When we decided to come back to Thailand, Peter went to Trang and Satun to catch up with some drinking mates while I stayed on the bus and headed straight for Bangkok, boozy nights watching football not being my thing. No photo, because of course Peter had the camera, although he forgot and didn't take one single picture. He stayed at places we've stayed previously and reviewed, while I found this little gem which would have been no more expensive had both of us have been here.

Chawamit Place is a Thai hotel, where staff struggle but try hard to speak English. It was an older hotel with massive rooms - initially they tried to put me into a bit of a grubby one, but when I shook my head they showed me a much better one on the next floor - goes to show that even when you check them out before checking in, don't just take the first room you're shown - there's usually a better one.

The room I ended up in was clean and very pleasant, 2 comfy chairs, bar fridge and a huge TV (Thai channels only). There was a fitness room and free WiFi access in the lobby. Breakfast was so-so, not mass buffet but special bacon egg and sausage with surprising good coffee and toast for the only westerner they've had there for a long time I'd imagine.

Location is good - Soi 49 Lat Phrao Road, straight over the road from a large wet market which goes from dawn to late night, as do the food stalls and canteens. Everything is priced for locals as very few westerners venture out this way. Lots of local shops and convenience stores, and a 5 minute bus ride or 20 minute walk from a major supermarket complex, and a 15 minute bus ride (through the always heavy traffic) to central Bangkok - I walked it one day when I was feeling good and hadn't eaten anything, took about 4 hours with several distraction stops along the way.

All in all, I couldn't find fault with the hotel as somewhere to stay if you want to be in this part of town. The only other alternatives anywhere near are the international chain hotels about 25 minutes walk towards town and you'd be paying somewhere between 4 and 5 times the price, for probably a smaller room, although you'd probably get satellite TV and a pool.

Chawamit Place was certainly good enough for me.