30 Mar 2008
Kate's Place, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand
A$41/£19 night*
13°43'12.07"N 100°32'25.49"E
1 bedroom
Vacation Rental
*Plus A$41 cleaning fee


The way in which we came to stay at Kate's Place continues to amaze me.

When looking for accommodation when we first arrived in Bangkok, I found Kate's Place and Bangsong (previous) on vacation web sites. Kate was shuffling tenants and needed a few days to organise our stay - we wanted out of Khao San road as soon as possible so politely declined, but I kept her contact details for our next visit to Bangkok as the apartment, along with all of the amenities, looked fantastic.

Whilst staying at Bangsong, Peter was out walking one day and saw a flyer on a telegraph pole advertising 1 and 2 bedroom condo's within walking distance (of the telegraph pole). He phoned, arranged to have a look and booked it for the rest of our time in Bangkok - I'm still blown away by the fact that when he told me her name, it was the same person I'd emailed a week earlier. It's the kind of co-incidence that sends shivers down the spine.

SP is a very large (and seemingly quite empty) condo development which is approximately 2 years old.

The spotlessly clean unit was originally 2 studio apartments which have been joined together and the mirror-imaged rooms have been seriously altered inside, leaving a huge bedroom with a large bathroom, a massive storage and laundry area where the entrance for the second door was, heaps of storage space throughout the apartment, a good sized kitchen - with folding doors that could hide it away - an extra large fridge/freezer, a second toilet (no shower) and two balconies. There was a TV in the bedroom with a couple of cable channels and free Wi-Fi. Also, there was what has gradually on our travels become one of the ultimate luxuries for me - a washing machine and tumble dryer.

The furnishings were modern and of good quality and the bed and pillows very comfortable.

We were on floor 12A (13 really) and had a magnificent view of Bangkok sunsets over the tower blocks

The location is just around the corner from Bangsong, so I won't list all of the local facilities again. There was a gym, sauna, steam room and a huge indoor swimming pool around which the apartments were housed.

The security was very prominent, and while I didn't mind doors being opened for me, I was a little uncomfortable with the salute every time I passed. The guards spoke virtually no English, but were really friendly and incredibly helpful.

One down side was a smell of drains which appeared to be coming from the neighbouring unit. During our stay it went from being a very occasional short lived smell to being a very frequent, long lasting and very unpleasant smell. I let Kate know about this and she was working with building management to rectify the problem as soon as we moved out.

A very different experience from the last apartment we stayed at, and if the modern condo is your thing then this is highly recommended.