26 Feb 2008
Khach San Tan Hong Son Hotel, HCMC, Vietnam
A$19/£8 night
10°46'1.50"N 106°41'22.91"E
1 room


Having been let down by the They Tien Hotel (they gave our reservation to someone else) we looked at the Khach San Tan Hong Son Hotel, which had been full the night we first arrived here. I wish it hadn't have been, because we would have stayed here instead.

Peter left me with the bags and looked at a room, came out and said it's OK and there's Wi-Fi in the room so in we went. I asked if the room had a window - it didn't (or, as I later found out it did, but it was a glass brick window looking into the corridor). I pulled a face and said I'd rather have a room with a window. The receptionist, who spoke virtually no English caught on and got it across that there was a room with a window. We must be starting to look like backpackers - the rooms with windows were US$17 as opposed to US$14 without and Peter hadn't even been offered the option of the more expensive room. I went up to look at the room and was blown away. The lady also showed me the room without the window - she couldn't understand that I didn't want to see it. To be completey honest, if I'd been shown the cheaper room first would have taken it without bothering to see the bigger one with the window.

The room was spotlessly clean, only thing we could fault was no bath tub.

There were 2 king size beds - (one was 2 singles put together so could be separated with the right bed linen), a fridge, a huge table and chair setting, the same 50-odd channels you get on satellite TV everywhere here and a minibar. Oh, and the room was big enough to play football in. AND full width of the room (more really, because it was on quite a sharp angle) French windows that opened onto a balcony which was almost fully glazed and kept all the traffic noise out when it was all closed up, which wasn't often, and the window that wouldn't close because of the flower-filled climbing plants on the balcony.

I'd be very surprised if you would find better value for money in Saigon.