20 July 2009

Blue Paradise Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

21° 2'16.51"N 105°51'11.71"E
1 Room
Including Breakfast

Jul 2009 approx A$28

Peter left me with the bags and checked out half a dozen hotels before deciding on the first one he'd seen, and it was a real beauty. The Blue Paradise is a small hotel with some of the friendliest staff we've come across in quite a while. We were only intending to stay a day or so, but ended up there for over a week and will be back there for a couple of nights when we have to return to Hanoi for our flight out.

Five floors (no lift) and we scored one on the second – I was worried that there would be a bit of noise, but the rooms at the front have a small balcony – not really big enough to sit on, but the balcony is enclosed by glass, giving a double glazing effect. The balcony windows opened during the day for fresh air, and were closed at night to keep the street noise out. The bed, sofa and chair were very comfortable, and the pillows were the best we've slept on for quite some time. There was no fan, but the air conditioner could be set to blow un-refridgerated fresh air so that wasn't a problem, and the room was very clean.

Free, fast and stable Wi-Fi kept me happy and enough channels on the flat screen TV to keep Peter happy. There was an in-room computer, but it wasn't connected to the internet. Location is great – down a relatively (for Hanoi) quiet one way street, and within a couple of minutes walk of local food and beer. About 5 minutes walk got you to the Opera House, where there was as many tourist restaurants as you could wish for. About 15 minutes walk in the other direction got you past the huge lake and into mega expensive land, with all of the embassies, Cartier shops and $300/night hotels. Unfortunately, it also meant that the street traders would rather let you walk away than pay 3 times the going rate for a bottle of water – obviously business is good enough for them to turn away customers. There are a couple of supermarkets in that area – not really any cheaper than the millions of mini-marts in Hanoi (or should I say the tiny percentage of them who don't try and overcharge you), but obviously a lot more choice and stock not quite so old. This just might be the best hotel in it's price range in Hanoi if you can get a room at the front. Breakfast was also very good.

This place comes very highly recommended, and we're already made our booking to come back here

Free Wifi, satellite TV, fridge, air conditioning, and comfortable seating.



+84 49263686 / +84 988099093