1 July 2009
Thien Nga Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam
15°52'53.74"N 108°19'28.69"E
1 Room
Included Breakfast

May 2009 approx A$25

Oops-camera cactus & I didn't think about the iPhone to take a photograph. D'oh!


Go off the bus from Nha Trang very early morning, dodged our way past the touts and started walking. The intention was, as usual, one of us to sit somewhere with the bags while the other walks around looking - if you have your bags with you you seem more desperate, whereas if you're just wandering on in making enquiries, you get a much better deal offered. We didn't have to do this though, saw the hotel as we escaped the touts and thought it looked OK. It was better than OK and we checked in straight away.

We got a lovely big room at the back which is quieter and had wall to wall floor to ceiling windows looking out over palm trees and paddy fields, which are just the right shade of emerald at the time. The bed was comfortable, as were the chairs and we had about 80 cable channels - about 15 in English, but the chairs on the balcony weren't very comfortable.

As well as free Wi-Fi there was a bank of 6 computers for guests without laptops to use free of charge. We intended staying in Hoi An for a couple of days and ended up staying almost 2 weeks. My only whine is that once it became obvious we were staying a long time, the cleaning standards in the room went down quite a lot, but it was the end of the financial year, I had too much to do and couldn't be bothered complaining.

Lots of local shops around for basics - the majority of them seem to have invented price gouging. A 1.5 litre bottle of water I was buying for 4,000 dong was quoted to me anywhere from 7,000 to 21,000. Same with cigarettes - if you didn't know the prices, almost without exception the traders tried to fleece you, some of them outrageously, which was rather annoying. No supermarkets in town, one place did have the appearance of a large mini mart with price stickers on but was no cheaper than those trying to fleece you outside.

The swimming pool had plenty of comfy sun beds around it and thankfully was shaded.

Wouldn't hesitate to return, but warn everyone to try and find the prices of basics before buying anything.

Free Wifi, satellite TV, fridge, fan AND air conditioning, balcony, swimming pool


+84 510 916 330